The company Platin-Cars

Passion for extraordinary automotive creations.

The desire for something extraordinary, for something more than commonplace that offers a pleasant break from the mainstream—this is the motivation for turning a standard car into something unique. Along with that comes the pursuit of perfection and distinctiveness, two features only achievable through meticulous work, attention to detail and a great deal of enthusiasm.

At Platin-Cars we are keenly aware and experienced in recognizing and fulfilling the individual wishes and ideas of our customers. Car lovers who come to us want their vehicle transformed into a modern work of art representing their way of life in a perfect light and they appreciate precisely this focus on their personality.

Off-the-shelf solutions are out of the question, as are compromises that don't express the owner through their car. A perfect fit between car and driver is the only outcome our customers are happy with. We achieve this goal by using the most advanced technology and highest quality materials as well as drawing on our years of experience in automotive finishing. What's more, we bring to every task our boundless enthusiasm for extravagant automobiles. It is only our personal enthusiasm that ensures our continued success in creating automobiles that break the rules and appeal to the discerning eye. The professionalism we dedicate to upgrading and customizing your car is the same that informs our rental service of top of the line luxury models.

Our exclusive fleet features dream cars of such well-known luxury brands like Rolls Royce or Bentley. Or if you've always wanted to drive up in a Maybach, then with us you've come to the exact place you wanted. You will find the car you are looking for—whether you need an elegant vehicle for a special occasion or if you are looking to experience driving a truly extraordinary car. Riding in a stylish limousine to an important meeting, a trip to a sporting event in a powerful super sports cars or cruising in an elegant convertible are all experiences that car lovers know how to appreciate.

If you are looking for a unique driving experience, please contact us for information at no obligation. We are sure we can also help you discover your dream car. We offer you the same assistance in finishing your car as we do in renting or selling a car that will allow you to make a lasting impression on every occasion.